Hi everyone!! I know I have been absent from this blog for a while now, but I have good news! I have been working on a new blog! It is now live at and I hope you will follow over and enjoy the chapter I am enduring in! I will miss The Blonde With Hips blog, but you can still find that sections in “Kat’s Korner” on the new site! I hope to see you over at the new location, xoxo, Kat

Inspiration: Moss on Moss on Moss


Oh Kate Moss.. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, grab some coffee and drool over the ageless Moss?  Yes, thats exactly what I am doing right now. The queen of fashion and the best supermodel (in my opinion) to ever existed. She has had collection’S’ with TopShop, worked with some of the best designers and photographers in the industry and thousands, possibly even millions of women and men look up to this badass. So on that note, I’ll leave you to the rest of your week, do something spontaneous and adventurous. See you thursday! xoxo

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Update From Blondie

Good afternoon (or evening, wherever you are reading this) everyone! A few new exciting announcements to make on this hot, muggy Sunday, hooray! 

1. My office space is set up! The excitement I have is kind of unbearable and I apologize for anyone that comes in here because I will torture them by showing them everything I have set up and done. Of course it actually isn’t fully completed yet… Yes, it is set up BUT the flooring hasn’t been fully laid yet, nor new shelves and a desk hasn’t been built either yet.. Things still need to be painted, as well as some things need to be hung and I haven’t been able to fully purchase all the little nick nacks yet, I thought it would be good to replace things one at a time, but until that happens, I do have a desk, an awesome lamp, and my coffee maker by my side. I am set!

2. Septmeber 1st, a lot of new changes will be happening.. beware my fellow readers , beware.. All good news (I hope) from my end. Sep. 1st I will be starting some photography. I have always loved photography and the beauty and nature of it and how one photo can spell out a thousand words. I have the pleasure of being able to touch a little bit of everything I love to do with the job I have, which is another huge passion of mine. 

3. Last but not least of my updates, because of course there will always be new and change coming into my life. Again on September 1st. a brand new website will be coming!! I won’t throw out details or the name quite yet, give me a couple of weeks for that to be announced. Exciting projects and a whole new site. Now that I have my office and I’ve actually gotten my time management skills together, instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I will have time to put into my site and projects. The Blonde With Hips will still exist, but in a different part of the site. I have always wanted to grow my blog into something big and I have had a lot of support from my readers, as well as my loved ones, so its time to spread my wings and learn to fly. The one detail I will give you, it is more of a lifestyle blog, like I said though, The Blonde With Hips will still exist in a separate area of the site, so not to worry. I am hoping you will join me in this ever growing journey and the passion I have for fashion and the art world. 

See you tomorrow for inspiration Monday, xoxo 

Inspiration: Dreamland


Dreamers have a wild imagination, believe in everything is possible, dream up everything they ever wanted. Sometimes you’ll get the crazy dreamers that are in la la land and not in reality. There are doers, who just go out and do it and get crap done (attempting to not use as many curse words lately), and most of the time don’t really dream up the scenario of their life. I like to call those kinds, the boring people. Then there are the people that are extremely successful as an actor, a singer, a model or a business woman/man. Those are the dreamers and the doers. Those are the ones that make their dreams come true. Make it happen. Be one of those people, be the one that tells everyone their wildest and craziest dreams they want, but don’t just speak, show it, make it happen. Actions speak louder than words.

Jared Leto is not only a phenomenal singer and actor, but he is a genuine person (off topic I know, and I at least think he is a genuine person..). He has worked his whole life to get where he has gotten himself to this day. He dreamt, but also did something about those dreams.

This week’s inspiration got deep.. but I can only hope I inspire you to dream in your sleep and dream bigger when you’re awake. Have a fantastic week, xoxo

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Best of The Blues


No matter what your style is, I can bet you that 80% of your closet is denim. I pulled some of my favorite looks I saw on my Pinterest and Tumblr pages, from Kate Moss to Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. My go to denim is flared jeans (I’m extremely short, so they make me look a lot taller) and boyfriend style jeans. Each style for me has to be high wasted (again, due to being tiny).

What’s your go to jean?

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Inspiration: There is No Such Thing as Over Dressing



Hey Mayhem Monday! Yeah yeah, I know I try to think of different words each week to describe Monday and they might be cheesy, but they fit right? Right. Excited to say I have had an Illustration drawn up for my blog by one of my best friends who is an incredible artist, Lauren Leonesio. Can you guess what the drawing is of? If you guessed a blonde with hips… You are correct, sorry but you don’t win anything for getting that right. I have found a new theme that I will be using and changing quite a few things on here over a course of a month or so. 

Now, for this lovely quote up above here, I will have to say is one of my favorites. I am not sure who wrote it or in what book it is published in, but Pinterest never fails at having awesome photo’s and quotes. Never be afraid to add a little bit more jewelry or a little more wing to that liner.. Because in case of doubt.. Over Dress.

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Inspiration/Pick Me Up: HellMonday


HellMonday equals a lot of caffeine into your system (I’m the Trenta), sassy remarks, not quite being awake all the way yet until it is past noon.. I give you permission to behave in such a manner as long as you get your sh*t together throughout the rest of the week. It’s not past noon yet, so I am still allowed to be sassy! 

I woke up extremely late this morning, I can’t remember if I slept through my alarm or if I actually forgot to set it the night before.. I’m pretty sure I got sidetracked by House Of Cards (A Netflix original series). 

This past week I have been working out a lot more and eating somewhat healthier (somewhat.. I still had ice cream..). I’ll be continuing the torture and attempt at eating healthier than I did the week before, you can’t just cold turkey! I’ve tried it before, it does not work, I repeat It does not work. New flooring is being put down currently in my bedroom and my office, things will be a lot easier work wise once I have my desk and work space so I can set out weekly to do lists on my blog and in life in general. I’ll keep you guys posted, xoxo

What’s your Monday morning pick me up? 

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