Inspiration Board: Spring Whites, HAIM, and LA


This is my first post for my weekly inspiration board and I’m extremely excited to share my inspiration that either helps me get through the week or of what has been on my mind lately.

Every Monday I will be putting up an inspiration/mood board of pictures of outfits, models, quotes, bands, and places that have been on my mind for the past week.

Lets talk about Spring White’s.. The crisp, clean color of white for Spring has been on my mind and first in line in my closet this past week, even continuing on possibly for the rest of the month! Here in Arizona, Spring already feels like Summer. Light fabrics of cotton in Tee’s and silky tanks are breathable during the heat waves. This week we are already reaching the 90’s.. sigh. I’m about to bring out my denim cut offs, but my “summer” legs are no where near those babies yet, so I’ll stick with skirts for now.

Another beautiful Spring and Summer trend that everyone does is the beautiful sun kissed tan without actually hitting the tanning beds or even the sun. On that note, I am soon to be stocking up on self tanners. Hello St. Tropez! I am jealous of you if you can rock the pale, porcelain skin, it gets very tiring and messy after about 5 minutes into the bronze mess (possibly orange, oops).

The 1975 and HAIM bands are all I seem to be listening to for the past week and a half. Chocolate by 1975 and The Wire by HAIM have been on repeat nonstop and have me dancing right along to the spunky tunes.

LA and Fiji, do I need to say anymore? opposites of the world, yes, but a downtown scene with a tropical twist sounds heavenly right now does it not? Clear blue skies and water, with some pineapple in my drink and flowers in my hair.. I can daydream.

For my last  topic of the day, Sasha Luss. Her elegance and striking features have taken my breath away. Her white hair has me in awe (I am getting my hair white on April 14th, wish me luck) and walking the runway’s of the hottest designers with such ease, as she was born to be a model. How can you not love her?

Photos were used from various Tumblr blogs. You can find all these photos on my tumblr at (strange name, I know, I know).

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