Inspiration Board: Dj’s, Coachella, & Cities


My inspiration board this week is filled with all sorts of goodies! Monday has become my favorite day of the week, all thanks to my desires, dreams and goals.

Let me first talk about the 3 little pooches you see in the collage of photos.. I have been dying to get a little French Bulldog this week! With those cute little faces, how could you not fall in love instantly! A little all white Frenchie is a must in the future.

Paris, New York City and open, floor to ceiling window apartments are in my dreams. Paris is such a beautiful city (even though I have never been yet..) filled with love in your eyes and city lights. New York City is where I want to eventually be after college, having a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment (most likely will be a 400 square foot studio apartment) with incredible floor to ceiling windows looking over the city that never sleeps.

As you can tell, white everything is still on my brain constantly. All white outfits as seen on Lorde and street style wear is my top two picks of the week.

White. Hair. I’m joining the white hair gang today, so make sure to look on my instagram later today for photos from that adventure! Theres something about having all white hair that is such a stand out and such an edge, that makes me want to be platinumed out.

Oh, Coachella how I wish I was there.. Next year, I promise to be there! Music festivals make my heart happy and something about Coachella brings music and people together. I’ll take an order of jean shorts and 4 dozen flowers please?

Last but not least, my two IT girls for the week.

Harley Newton & Chelsea Leyland

These two are the hottest Dj’s currently and their style is impeccable. These girls take badass to a whole other level, while keeping is classy with a twist of edge in their steps. Long blonde hair, quirky style’s (I wish to own their wardrobe’s please & thank you), and bright colored lipstick choices make me gravitate towards them immediately. This is not the last time you will be hearing about these two, they aren’t going anywhere for a while.

Photo’s from my tumblr:

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