Inspiration Board: Summer, Home Design, & Matchy Matchy


Hello Monday! Now I know, it is not the AM, but I have a good excuse.. I have been redesigning my room all morning. Next goal is to go through all my unwanted items to sell or donate. The Spring Cleaning fever!

A ton of things have been on my mind lately, as you can see in my crazy, messy collage.

Lets first talk about Interior Design. I have a huge announcement to make, but sorry to say, everyone will have to wait until later this year to hear what the big news is. Lets just say, it requires new home decor and possibly beautiful views of a very large city.. I have been obsessed with views from apartments, I can only hope I will be able to get my hands on one of those. Also clean and crisp white walls with white, black & silver home decor is my dream living space. I’ll keep you updated on all the finds I will be collecting for the next 10 months.

Make – up during hot months is always one of my most brutal tasks.. Suffering from acne scarring (I have the little red/purple pigmentation) leaves me self conscious at times, so I normally always wear my bb cream wherever I go. The constant battle to get rid of acne and scarring has been a long journey, but it has been working with LED light treatments, facials and face peels (painful little bastards). For now, I will have to suffer with sweating off my make – up.

Now for actual a positive side for summer, I’m excited for the jean shorts, floppy hats and loose tees. I need to get working harder at the gym if I want to be able to pull the cut off’s off at all. I’m going to start doing a weekly update on my fitness every Sunday starting this week, so look out for that. LA trips are a must this summer to have the sea salt in my hair.

Who else is into the matchy matchy outfits? I’m completely obsessed with them! I really do not have enough of them in my closet, but I am slowly collecting them one by one.

Last but not least for what has been on my mind a lot lately is no matter what you do in life or what color your hair is, people will judge you. People will do everything in their power to pull you down and destroy you. Never, ever let them. You keep doing exactly what you want to do, wear what you want and dye your hair whatever color you want too. Do not let people rule your decisions in what YOU want to do. If you do that, do you really think you will be happy? Just be you, quirkiness and all.

All photos used from my tumblr.

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