Inspiration Board: Man Repeller, Simplicity, & Matt Healy


Hello Monday! Here we are yet again, with the dreadful Monday.. But today I am really feeling like Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller, all spunky and whatnot. I have some goodies on my board today, to share with you fellow fashion lovers. Ready? Set.. GO!

Since we are on the topic on Leandra here, lets continue.. The Man Repeller is possibly one of the best fashion and lifestyle blogs on the  internet currently, according to me and I’m sure thousands of other people agree. If you haven’t heard of her blog, you need to look up (of course after you finish reading mine hehe). Leandra has a way of applying high fashion with humor, a way no one else could really pull off. I admire her fearlessness and taking risks, and it being pulled off with such grace. Not only do I love her as a person and what she stands for, but her style is also outstanding. Matching pieces (which you guys know I love very much), simple T – shirt dresses, and boyfriend jeans is her every day style and she throws in some weird pieces here in there to keep you on your toes and not bored with her daily looks.

  Now I know I have already talked briefly about The 1975 Band, but I have finally purchased their deluxe album last night. Can I just say I am fan girling over Matt Healy.. He has such an air about him that is in complete control with that bad boy mixed in.. How could you not be in love! Typical songs I am obsessed with in Chocolate & Girls, but I also love The City, Sex, Heart Out, She Way Out & Robbers.

Iggy Azalea, The New Classic. Oh honey, you are in the Murda Bizness, murdering every other female rapper that ever even tried to be a badass. Fancy, Work, Black Widow & Lady Patra I can’t get over them. Not only does Miss Azalea have sick beats, she also has deep songs that make you rethink your whole life and if you are living it to the fullest.

Lately I have been loving the simplicity look. Such as jeans (boyfriend or any sort of baggy ones), long & oversized tees or sweaters, with heels or flat birkenstocks. Of course in black or white clothing choices, I’m not much of a color person, not because I don’t like color, I really do enjoy pastels, but you just won’t see me wearing them much. My green ASOS skirt in my posting Fresh Awakenings was borderline hyperventilating from to much color.

Now my last two topics are a little bit deep and somewhat personal, so just prepare for a tear jerker (I’m kidding..).

The obsession with thigh gaps. What is up with this obsession? I’m not going to lie, about 2 years ago I wanted a thigh gap badly, until I realized my hips would not allow it. Bottom line, I have accepted myself for who I am and what my mother has given me. I do want to lose weight for myself and to be healthier, but I don’t want the thigh gap any longer. If you personally want the thigh gap for YOURSELF and not because of society, then go for it! As long as you do it in a healthy way by eating right and working out (running helps), you should be able to get toned legs and if your hips are built for it, a thigh gap may appear. Society at the moment has a sick obsession with seeing bones, having thigh gaps & not eating. Please do not forget ladies that many of these photos you see are photoshopped to look “perfect”. Cellulite and not perfect skin doesn’t sell well for companies, which is horrifying because thats being human, but it just doesn’t.

I find it very important to ask myself these question’s often, are you living your dream? Are you being fearless about it? Are you not afraid to be wrong? I seem to find myself being more confident and answering them with the answers I want to hear. If you go and ask yourself these, be honest. If you lie to yourself, you’re failing yourself. Don’t do that to your soul, don’t damage your mind. I’m not perfect whatsoever, I have my moments of sadness and doubts, but I’m human. Starting this blog and my YouTube channel was exhilarating, but scary! Going after these two things is way of going after my dreams and goals in life. Everyday I am more myself and becoming fearless, I am proud to say I am growing with this journey! I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in a year.

Photos taken from my tumblr:


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