Inspiration: Clean Spaces


Yes, I know today’s inspiration is tiny and only one picture.. BUT I have an excuse! Interior decor is the only thing that has been on my mind for a solid week and a half. 

I apologize for not posting more on here last week, I have had the spring cleaning fever on full blast and it is still continuing on. I’m also doing some major redecorating and remodeling around my home, so expect for the next few weeks or so, not much going on here will be happening. 

To be more specific, I am remodeling my room, office, kitchen, bonus room, living room and practically any room in the entire house. Ripping up flooring and putting in tile or wood flooring, building furniture and repainting, new design aspects and visions. Its exciting to see transformations happening around your living area and see clutter and unwanted items leave the area. Stress seems to just start falling off of your shoulders and you can breath, FINALLY.

My office will be a great place for my blogging and running the life I live, and big things and promises will be happening in the next month or two with my blog, youtube and just life in general. Some new ideas have been forming and thoughts, I cannot wait to share them with you!




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