So, You’re Scared?


We all admit we have been scared before pursuing what you love, afraid people will judge you or being in the wrong. I have struggled with this and honestly not to long ago I was scared to be who I was or making mistakes that could potentially mess everything up. Finally one day I had enough of holding myself back and being scared of what people thought of me. I am human and I am honest with you guys, I’m not here to fluff my feelings, thoughts or life with the world. Do I still struggle with this still? Sometimes I still do, but I push myself through it and it only makes me stronger. Don’t lose yourself and your creative life in the fear of being wrong. Just do it, like Nike says. If you want something go get it! Do not let anyone stop you from your dreams and goals, because honestly they are irrelevant and most likely jealous. Remember ladies & gents, put your armor on and be bad bitches.


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