Fete Brings A New Light To Minimalism


When I think of the designer Fete, I think of a confident woman who knows exactly who she is. Each minimalist collections only showcase 5 key pieces that you need in your closet that you can dress down for the day and dress up for a night out. The fact that Fete represents building your personal style, using organic materials and are handmade in the sunny LA by one cool chick is just an A+ in my book! There’s a personal touch when designs are handmade and did I mention that there is a limited amount to the designs? If that does not make you walk around with your chin held high knowing that you own a design that not many will have, then I am not sure what will. Each piece was designed to be versatile, which is a huge factor when I am getting ready every day. I like to think outside the box and see what I can do different with my style, Fete gives you that chance. I will be placing an order on that beautiful tulle skirt here shortly!

I was very excited to interview Emily, the designer of Fete and understand where her inspiration comes from and her advice for the young  dreamers.


Keep on reading for my interview with the designer of Fete


1. What is the inspiration behind your collections?
my collections are mostly inspired by my dreams. most of the pieces come from a dreams i’ve had, and they’re all things i would daydream about wearing.

2. Your design aesthetic is minimalism, but it also shows a very care free side to the collection?
i’d say fete is most minimalist in concept – it’s designed to be a blank, well-designed canvas on which to build your own personal style. i’m inspired by the minimalist art movement, which is based on the idea that minimalist art pieces are theatrical… this means that they require an audience to have meaning. so really, each piece is designed more as a foundation to help you create your own style. it’s more about how you wear it than the actual piece itself!

3. What kind of women do you strive to design for?
i hope to inspire self-love and a passion for personal style in all women. sometimes all it takes is a pretty dress to give a girl the confidence she needs to take on her own world.


4. Why did you choose to focus your collection’s on 5 key pieces?
fete is more of a conceptual brand. fashion today can be overwhelming – there’s a new delivery in stores every 2 weeks, a new magazine each month telling you what to buy… it’s unnecessary and breeds insecurity. the only things we really need in our closets are the basic 5 pieces – a top, a bottom, a dress, an intimates set, and a piece of outerwear. i design them each to be worn different ways and for just about any occasion, so you really have a complete wardrobe if you buy the whole collection, in just those 5 pieces. it’s about keeping it simple and versatile. also, 5 is a special number, if you study numerology you’ll learn that it’s about positive transformation, and living by your heart – which is what fete is based on!

5. At what age did you realize that designing was your passion?
i’ve been making clothes since i was little, i used to make clothes for my barbies, my friends, myself. in high school, i was part of a fashion show that benefitted a charity called suited for change. they help women in tough situations get nice clothes for job interviews to improve their lives… it had a really profound effect on me. i’ve always known it’s my job to help women love themselves, and being able to do that through clothing, something women wear so close to their hearts, something you can make with your hands with love… just feels right to me. we all deserve to feel beautiful all the time, and clothing is a big part of that. of course it’s not about what you look like, but who you truly are – and clothes help you visually express what your human body isn’t capable of.

6. A couple of things among many about you as a designer that intrigues me is your decision to hand sew each piece using organic materials. That attention to detail makes each piece feel very personal when so many designers are driven to mass produce their collections, why did you choose this route?
it’s the only way to do it. i only believe in doing things the right way! if you do your research, you’ll learn that most companies use cheap sweatshop labor, treat their employees horribly, use practices and materials that harm our earth… i believe in the power of clothing. and it starts from how it’s made and where it’s sourced – everyone needs to be treated with love, from employees to customers.

7. What has been the most difficult thing you have faced in launching your career and how did you push through it?
fashion is a really crazy industry. it’s easy to get caught up in the perceived glamor, the fast lifestyle… and that’s just not me. i’m really down to earth, i’m in this because i want to help women feel their best, heal their hearts through clothing, help them fall in love with themselves! i’ve learned it’s more important to maintain my integrity than to try to advance my career working with people who aren’t on the same page. if you believe in something, stick to your guns – no matter who is telling you to do the opposite. how you create something is just as important as what you create.

8. As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to other women who want to pursue their dreams?
get real life experience from someone you respect in your industry. school can only teach you so much – interning and working is the best school in my opinion. find a mentor, ask questions, do your research. be aggressive and make things happen! always be reaching for more. trust yourself and just GO FOR IT. if your heart is telling you to do something, listen.

sometimes i feel like i have no idea what the hell i’m doing. and that’s okay! i’m not sure if that feeling ever goes away as you grow up, or if people just get better at pretending. i’m so young, i’m 23. you just kind of have to push through that feeling and trust yourself. i have a hard time asking for advice – i’m stubborn and like to figure things out my way. so i just try to listen to my heart, go with what feels right, and learn from everything i experience. i see everything as positive – “mistakes” are just lessons in disguise. i’ve learned the most important thing is to do what’s right for you, as opposed to what’s expected of you. trust your heart first and create your own path.


9. What is your favorite quote? 

“go into yourself. find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.

this most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must i write? dig into yourself for a deep answer. and if this answer rings out in assent, if you meet this solemn question with a strong, simple “i must,” then build your life in accordance with this necessity; your whole life, even into its humblest and most indifferent hour, must become a sign and witness to this impulse.

– rainer maria riilke, “letters to a young poet”

Photos: http://www.fete.clothing/pages/lookbook


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