Are You Daring Enough To Go Platinum?


As you know from my instagram or posts on here, I have had my platinum white hair for about 3 weeks or so. Making the decision to go white out was not a faint choice and it took a lot of female balls to just go for it. I’ve waited to talk about it until some of my roots grew in, because honestly it was quite scary and I felt like some unknown creature that was not yet discovered. 

Lets talk hair

Getting and maintaining platinum hair is a process and not the easiest task. Lets first talk about if you are considering going with this look.

1. I hope you like the color black. You will be wearing a lot of black and darker colors. I tried wearing colors just to try it out, but honestly it did not work well and plus, wearing colors really isn’t me all together.

2. Natural or Bold. Make – up while owning platinum hair either has to go natural or bold. There is no one in between. I have noticed on the bolder side that dark lipstick and a brown smokey eye works best. You can also pull off red lips and a black smokey eye, I would but black makes my eyes look teeny and red lips make my lips smaller than they already are.

3. Go to a salon your first, second and even the thousandth time. Having a professional play around with your platinum locks always the best route to go. No questions asked.

4. Throw the idea of washing your hair everyday out the window. You better quickly love messy bed head hair and the natural do. Your hair is going to want all those natural oils after you politely destroy your hair. Also avoid heat on your precious waves.

5. Time to stock up on every treatment possible. I’m talking hair masks, oils, the magical purple shampoo & your new best friend called the tangle teaser. Your hair is going to be extremely dried out from the bleach, so show some loving to it. In the next lists down below, I’ll list some hair treatments that I have noticed that have been really working for me.

6. Confidence is key. I am going to be blunt with you guys. Platinum hair is not for everyone. Being confident is a must, if you have a  fun bubbly side, but you are also feisty and sassy, then believe me you can pull this look off easily (Yes, thats my personality if you guys are wondering!).

Now after a few weeks of maintaing this beast, heres a few tricks up my sleeve I have for you ladies (& some gents, like Mr. Adam Levine has joined the platinum team).

1. Purple shampoo will be your life saver. No one enjoys yellow, brassy hair on any blonde color, but white hair shows it even more. Leaving purple shampoo in for a minute will take care of that and keep your hair freshly white, but leave it any longer and your hair could turn pink, purple, or blue deciding how long you leave it in for. Trust me, I totally played around with leaving it in my hair for 5 minutes or longer and it was fun for a few days, but I quickly got over that. I use ‘Shimmer Lights’ purple shampoo.

2. Don’t wash everyday or apply heat. I know I’m repeating myself now, but trust me, this has saved my hair completely. My hair actually has been growing somehow and that is truly a miracle.

3. The best shampoo & hair masks. Okay, just know this is what works best for me. It may not work well for you on your hair. I have really thin hair, so I have to use light products on my hair and light oils. Shampoo & Conditioner: Mane & Tail has been working for me for over a year now and thickens my hair, also smells delicious! Hair Masks: I use 3 different kinds that I either use on the same night or I rotate them throughout the week. Garnier Triple Nutrition 3 – Minute Undo, L’ Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage – Erasing Balm, & Pantene 2 – Minute Moisture Mask. Once a week I also do an olive oil hair mask for two hours. Yes, two hours, so you better have plenty of time to sit and catch up on the Vampire Diaries. After my shower hair treatments: TRESemme Split End Remedy Leave – In Conditioner, Leave – In Conditioner Milk_Shake, Organix Coconut Milk Shine Serum, & Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Serum (all used in that order).

I’ll keep you guys updated if anything else changes about my hair, which is most likely, I love the change and the fresh take it gives your look and face! I can tell you one thing, having a white out on top of your head has made me fearless and makes people take notice immediately. xoxo


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