Say Yes To A Blazer, Around Your Waist


Blazers are a classic and fantastic during winter months, but when heat rolls around, bye bye menswear staple. Consider wrapping your blazers around your waist like you would with your sweatshirts and tartan shirts during the summer months.

5 Reasons why you should

1. Useable during summer heat so your blazers that some are cheap and some not so cheap don’t have to collect cobwebs in your closet

2. Tartan shirts get really old and boring (no offense)

3. No plaid (again, no offense)

4. Covers your ass. Literally, covers it if your shorts are a little on the verge of being at a dance party instead of everyday use

5. And last but not least, a classic twist on a grungier look



Wearing: Blazer – Forever 21, Shorts – Vintage, Shirt – Silence & Noise

Photographs – Anna Elaine. Instagram – @annaelainephotography

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