Rise Of The Newbies


The rise of newbies in the music industry has been at an all time high, in my opinion of course, but I feel like every Tuesday new music and artists are popping out of nowhere. While some people are uncomfortable exploring out the newbies, I take advantage of it and search iTunes, soundcloud and youtube for any sound that sparks my interest.

I’m all about music that makes me feel and either can make me extremely happy or bring me to tears. Now, there is so many other artists I want to showcase (I’ll be doing whats on my playlist soon!), but here are my top 3 artists that just came on the market that you should be jammin’ to right this minute.

Let’s first talk BANKS, the alternative, Indie, R&B singer. (Banks – left, larger picture – via Tumblr)

If you like The Weeknd, Sia, and Beyonce, you will soak up Banks soulful Indie, R&B feels. Waiting Game and Goddess is my two favorite songs by her and they are two that should be on your playlist for the summer, and even forever.

Singer LP (LP – Bottom right corner picture – via iPhone) is a singer/songwriter, Indie vocals, with electronic dance beats that make you just want to move and dance in sunflowers (seriously). Into The Wild, Night Like This & Heavenly Light are just a few of my favorites by her.

Now my last artist I’m showing off is different than the last two, Twenty One Pilots (Twenty One Pilots – Upper right corner picture – via Tumblr) is a alternative/poetry rap band, their music sounds somewhat like spoken word with upbeat beats to bring it to life and make you feel every lyric they are singing. Car Radio is their best work by them, personally what I believe.

You guys will notice that I’m into Indie/singer/songwriter, Indie rock bands, and some R&B/Rap musicians. Have a good day loves, xoxo

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