Inspiration: What You Wear, Is Who You Are


Yet another Monday goes by and I give you my weekly inspo to get you motivated or inspired throughout the week, at least I like to hope so. Yesterday I was at Comicon (Marvel lover over here!), and no I did not dress up, but if you do follow me on my social media sites you can see my boyfriend and I wore Captain American tees, awh so precious! I bought a print of Darth Vader in a suit and tie, and it is probably one of my most favorite pieces I own now. Who doesn’t love DV all classy and what not?

Now we all know on weekends or for special events, you bring out the best “you” you possibly can show off. What do you wear during the week though? I can tell you right now mine consists of work out clothes (not something you guys want to hear from a style blog, I know) and jeans/jean shorts and tees. Lately I have noticed my style has been evolving and just really realizing more and more of who I am and what my style taste ranges to. Minimalism has really been my go to lately and I am pretty sure it will be like that for a while.

Have a wonderful monday loves! xoxo


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