Inspiration: Life Changes


Hello Monday, you cruel bastard. I apologize for being so absent for the last few weeks, things have been a tad hectic around the household and in my work life. I unfortunately can’t do this or own a gallery full time yet, not paying the bills with this yet! hehe..

This past week I have really been focusing on my goals and future plans and I’ve always had a great idea of exactly where I want to head towards, but I finally have locked down the goals and plans. Commitment.. Scary to some, but I, its what I strive towards.

My career and life plans are bigger than anything to me, I dream of my life in a City and my career flourishing. I don’t day dream about my “dream wedding” one day. Honestly a nice small beach wedding sounds fantastic. I’m a feminist, but not a crazy drastic one where all I think about is being equal to men. I know I am getting a little side tracked and I am sure you are wondering where the hell this Monday’s inspiration weekly post is headed and to be quite honest, I am just writing to write. My readers (yes may be small currently) mean the world to me and I am honest with you about how I feel and my goals and dreams.

Expect some changes to be happening on here and in my life. Things are growing and it is extremely exciting and I hope you guys will grow right along with me! Have a good Monday, xoxo

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