Inspiration: The Power of Being You


Hello hello hello! Yes, I officially suck at running my blog… I can feel the shame and disappointment radiating from you fabulous followers! 

Well thank goodness it’s Monday! I’m sure you guys are wondering why I am so lively and excited about a Monday, but I leave for the good ole’ LA on Thursday! If any of my followers are from LA, let me know! I’ll be at The Grove on Thursday and Santa Monica beach all day Saturday. 

My inspiration for this week is being yourself. Be You. 100%. No doubts, no cares. Don’t worry about what people think of you. If you want to wear a palm tree on your head and unicorn sneakers, go for it. You will never be truly happy unless you are committed to being yourself. There’s so many outside forces nowadays that I notice many follow the crowd or trends and it breaks my heart. I’ll admit it, I was one of those at one point in my life.. Here I am talking like I have had 1,000 years of life on me HA! Finally one day, I promised myself no more of being someone I’m not. 

Have an incredible week lovely’s! xoxo (p.s – I’ll be having an LA Diary up next week and a few more posts up this week before I leave!) 

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