Hair Mania



So yes, I have a new hair color yet again! I have had this now for about 3 weeks (long overdue, I know) and I don’t plan on straying from this rooty blonde look for a while. The platinum hair I really did love, but I noticed it started washing my skin tone out and I honestly did not have the time to maintain the luscious white locks and my hair was damaged beyond belief. So I decided to go back to the warmer side of things of a blonde, with more of a root inspired look. First off, I did want more of golden tones in my hair at first, but as soon as this turned out (my hair would not grab onto the golden tones, due to having such bleached out hair) I instantly fell in love with it. The ashiness of this instantly felt like me, so to add a little bit more of what I wanted, I chopped my hair to all one length! See ya layers, you won’t be missed! Now, my natural hair color is starting to come in, which is a tad darker than the dirty blonde at the roots, but I’m enjoying the contrast of all the three tones my hair is taking on. It’s time to give my hair some rest and loving and let the locks grow out to a crazy length like the HAIM Band sisters. It might take me 30 years to get there, but I will.. one day.. 





Let’s talk a little about my hair maintenance. I can now go 3 days without washing my hair and it won’t look disgusting and oily like my platinum hair did! That is a celebration all in itself. 

I am about to start my olive hair treatments back up, but ever since going on the warmer side of blonde and chopping off the dead ends, my hair has never felt healthier. I continue once a week using deep conditioning treatments and I recently found a daily deep conditioner by Neautrogena. Good stuff I tell you, good stuff.


Photographs by: ANNA ELAINE – @annaelainephotography 


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