Inspiration/Pick Me Up: HellMonday


HellMonday equals a lot of caffeine into your system (I’m the Trenta), sassy remarks, not quite being awake all the way yet until it is past noon.. I give you permission to behave in such a manner as long as you get your sh*t together throughout the rest of the week. It’s not past noon yet, so I am still allowed to be sassy! 

I woke up extremely late this morning, I can’t remember if I slept through my alarm or if I actually forgot to set it the night before.. I’m pretty sure I got sidetracked by House Of Cards (A Netflix original series). 

This past week I have been working out a lot more and eating somewhat healthier (somewhat.. I still had ice cream..). I’ll be continuing the torture and attempt at eating healthier than I did the week before, you can’t just cold turkey! I’ve tried it before, it does not work, I repeat It does not work. New flooring is being put down currently in my bedroom and my office, things will be a lot easier work wise once I have my desk and work space so I can set out weekly to do lists on my blog and in life in general. I’ll keep you guys posted, xoxo

What’s your Monday morning pick me up? 

Photo via Pinterest 




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