Inspiration: There is No Such Thing as Over Dressing



Hey Mayhem Monday! Yeah yeah, I know I try to think of different words each week to describe Monday and they might be cheesy, but they fit right? Right. Excited to say I have had an Illustration drawn up for my blog by one of my best friends who is an incredible artist, Lauren Leonesio. Can you guess what the drawing is of? If you guessed a blonde with hips… You are correct, sorry but you don’t win anything for getting that right. I have found a new theme that I will be using and changing quite a few things on here over a course of a month or so. 

Now, for this lovely quote up above here, I will have to say is one of my favorites. I am not sure who wrote it or in what book it is published in, but Pinterest never fails at having awesome photo’s and quotes. Never be afraid to add a little bit more jewelry or a little more wing to that liner.. Because in case of doubt.. Over Dress.

Photo via Pinterest 


  1. This is a really nice quote, and I have unknowingly followed it for most of my life. If there was ever even the slightest of special occasions I am dressed to the nines. Ooops:)


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