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Say Yes To A Blazer, Around Your Waist


Blazers are a classic and fantastic during winter months, but when heat rolls around, bye bye menswear staple. Consider wrapping your blazers around your waist like you would with your sweatshirts and tartan shirts during the summer months.

5 Reasons why you should

1. Useable during summer heat so your blazers that some are cheap and some not so cheap don’t have to collect cobwebs in your closet

2. Tartan shirts get really old and boring (no offense)

3. No plaid (again, no offense)

4. Covers your ass. Literally, covers it if your shorts are a little on the verge of being at a dance party instead of everyday use

5. And last but not least, a classic twist on a grungier look



Wearing: Blazer – Forever 21, Shorts – Vintage, Shirt – Silence & Noise

Photographs – Anna Elaine. Instagram – @annaelainephotography

Inspiration: Simple or Bold? How about both!


Happy Monday everyone! Normally Monday’s bring this feeling of dread and the fact that its back to a long week, but not this Monday! My weekend has been extremely lazy and filled with Vampire Diaries (I’m team Damon all the way if anyone is wondering). All weekend I have been dreaming of bold statement pieces with simple, low key items. (more…)

Fete Brings A New Light To Minimalism


When I think of the designer Fete, I think of a confident woman who knows exactly who she is. Each minimalist collections only showcase 5 key pieces that you need in your closet that you can dress down for the day and dress up for a night out. The fact that Fete represents building your personal style, using organic materials and are handmade in the sunny LA by one cool chick is just an A+ in my book! There’s a personal touch when designs are handmade and did I mention that there is a limited amount to the designs? If that does not make you walk around with your chin held high knowing that you own a design that not many will have, then I am not sure what will. Each piece was designed to be versatile, which is a huge factor when I am getting ready every day. I like to think outside the box and see what I can do different with my style, Fete gives you that chance. I will be placing an order on that beautiful tulle skirt here shortly!

I was very excited to interview Emily, the designer of Fete and understand where her inspiration comes from and her advice for the young  dreamers.

Keep on reading for my interview with the designer of Fete