jared leto

Inspiration: Dreamland


Dreamers have a wild imagination, believe in everything is possible, dream up everything they ever wanted. Sometimes you’ll get the crazy dreamers that are in la la land and not in reality. There are doers, who just go out and do it and get crap done (attempting to not use as many curse words lately), and most of the time don’t really dream up the scenario of their life. I like to call those kinds, the boring people. Then there are the people that are extremely successful as an actor, a singer, a model or a business woman/man. Those are the dreamers and the doers. Those are the ones that make their dreams come true. Make it happen. Be one of those people, be the one that tells everyone their wildest and craziest dreams they want, but don’t just speak, show it, make it happen. Actions speak louder than words.

Jared Leto is not only a phenomenal singer and actor, but he is a genuine person (off topic I know, and I at least think he is a genuine person..). He has worked his whole life to get where he has gotten himself to this day. He dreamt, but also did something about those dreams.

This week’s inspiration got deep.. but I can only hope I inspire you to dream in your sleep and dream bigger when you’re awake. Have a fantastic week, xoxo

Photo via Tumblr. http://www.roses-and-blood.tumblr.com