Kate Moss

Inspiration: Moss on Moss on Moss


Oh Kate Moss.. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, grab some coffee and drool over the ageless Moss?  Yes, thats exactly what I am doing right now. The queen of fashion and the best supermodel (in my opinion) to ever existed. She has had collection’S’ with TopShop, worked with some of the best designers and photographers in the industry and thousands, possibly even millions of women and men look up to this badass. So on that note, I’ll leave you to the rest of your week, do something spontaneous and adventurous. See you thursday! xoxo

Photo via Tumblr – http://www.roses-and-blood.tumblr.com

Best of The Blues


No matter what your style is, I can bet you that 80% of your closet is denim. I pulled some of my favorite looks I saw on my Pinterest and Tumblr pages, from Kate Moss to Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. My go to denim is flared jeans (I’m extremely short, so they make me look a lot taller) and boyfriend style jeans. Each style for me has to be high wasted (again, due to being tiny).

What’s your go to jean?

Photos via Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/blondewithhips & Tumblr http://www.roses-and-blood.tumblr.com