olsen twins

Inspiration: Twin Power

Hello everyone! Okay, things are settling down a tad, not much, but a tad.. I am making my blog and creative side take more presence in my life, since this is what I want to do with my life. This weeks inspiration is the Olsen twinnies. These girls are extremely powerful, just with the way they hold themselves and they are complete leaders in the fashion world. The Row has taken off to be on of the best fashion brands around (hats off to you ladies) and then they also have the line Elizabeth and James. Now their style is minimalism meets grandpa look, which totally works for them, again hats off to you two for being so petite and being able to layer anything and everything you want to put on without looking like you got swallowed by a swamp – AKA what I would look like if I attempted so. 

I wanted to thank real quick my current followers for sticking around even though I have not been very vocal on my blog for the past month or so. Love you all very very much, have a fantastical Monday, xoxo